Sunday, October 27, 2013

Acer C720 chromebook sunspider, peacekeeper benchmark speed test 447ms review

I purchased my chromebook some days ago at (299 CHF, about 250 EUR). Currently the 2GB version is available in Switzerland, the 4GB version might follow later. As I needed a replacement immediatly for my lovely Nokia Booklet 3G (see a review below) which has some hardware issues recently I was happy that the new chromebooks are available now (the HP chromebook 11 was not avialable yet in Switzerland). BTW, my keyboard has a swiss layout.

I wanted to get a fast, affordable, light notebook which can be used for photography edits on the road. Of course a macbook air or mac book pro would be nicer, but I was not willing to spent the money as the Nokia was already my secondary device for traveling and my primary device is a macbook pro (17 inch).

As I am very familiar to the chrome browser (I use it all day at work and privately) the barrier to go for a chromebook was low.  I already used apps from the chrome web store.

The question for me was: Should I wait for a HP chromebook 11 and would be perhaps disappointed on its performance (I do not like to wait for computers) or should I get the ugly duckling as we say in Germany which runs fastest but is not impressive to show. I decided for the fast, ugly duckling. I found some speed judgements  on the internet in some reviews, but no real gripping data as the Acer was rarely available. Therefore I have attached a detailed report created by in the end of this post.