Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blackberry passport silver edition and external audio DAC FiiO E17

The FiiO E17 works on my BlackBerry Passport silver edition running OS! I connected it to an USB to go cable and could hear music e.g. from the Spotify app (Amazon Android app store).

The setup is shown below. I used an USB hub cable as this is required to run the setup at iOS devices. But I guess a normal USB cable should work as well.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blackberry passport silver edition a working horse for productivity

If you commute like me in a train or other public transport, you might like to use the time to read and answer e-mails, write meeting minutes and other business related work.

So far, I was using touch screen devices for that. I found out, that I was struggling with the touch screen keyboard on longer text inputs. I also used an ipad with external keyboard. But it was only comfortable if you have a table to write. So, I decided to give the blackberry passport a try. And so far, I really love it. I used blackberry in the past (my latest was the Bold 9900) and I am owning a playbook (which has a similar operation system like the passport).

No chromebook innovations anymore?

From my post frequency (which dropped recently) you can see there are not too many exciting news anymore for Chromebooks. The systems are running well. I am personally still using my lovely Acer C720 Chromebook (I type this article on it).

If google (or Alphabet) needs some input for innovations, here is my list:

- Make the chromebook Android compatible. Some apps are ported from Android already. Not many though. Why not having a virtual machine on Chromebooks running android?
- Chromebook in the cloud. All the Chromebook settings etc. are synced already today. Why do I need a Chromebook to run my environment. Why can I not use any browser? A virtual Chromebook (available on all browsers) might be cool to have access to the lovely Chromebook environment from everywhere. Jolicloud Linux was a great example into that direction.

Please add you innovation wish list in the comments.